North Sea Conference 2020 - online

The North Sea Conference 2020 hosted by the North Sea Commission and the North Sea Region Programme will take place online on 10 November.

In what has turned out to be quite a disrupted year, the event will provide an important opportunity for stakeholders to get up to speed with the latest developments including: 

  • The key outcomes of the public consultation and where the North Sea Programme 2021-2027 is heading: A follow-up consultation with the programmes main stakeholders will take place during the event based upon the findings of the public consultation.  Depending on the timing participants may also have a chance to reflect on a first version of the operational programme.
  • The North Sea Commission's North Sea Region 2030 Strategy: The new strategy will be adopted by the North Sea Commission’s Annual Business Meeting on the 6 November and will replace the current one which stretches to the year 2020. The conference will provide the perfect opportunity for participants to learn more about the upcoming focus areas and top priorities outlined in the strategy.

The event will last approximately three hours.

More information on the the North Sea Region website. Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.